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Why Should You Choose Arrow Cab Taxi Over Uber

Sharing a ride with a regular person in their private car sounds innocent enough. But consider why it may not be the best choice you can make for your transportation needs. The insurance risks for both drivers and passengers is a lot larger than you might imagine. When you look at all the choices, it’s easy to see why the Arrow Cab Taxi ride is a smarter choice in CT.

While finding a ride where you need to go in Connecticut may be easy enough, knowing the differences between your choices so you can make the best choice for you. Every time you get into a car, you are putting your life into the hands of the driver. How do you know what to expect when you get into a car with a Rideshare or Uber driver that is a complete stranger?

Has the company screened its drivers to make sure you are safe throughout your ride? Arrow Cab in CT only uses screened and vetted drivers. Here are a few things you need to know before deciding to use rideshare as your form of transport.

Rideshare Insurance Issues

One of the problems that can crop up in Connecticut when driving for Uber or Rideshare automotive insurance. Providers have the right to drop you if your personal car is used commercially. Insurance companies won’t miss the opportunity to enforce this. If your driver has not listed his car with his insurance company is used as a rideshare vehicle; he may not have to cover your losses that result from an accident.

Commercial vehicle insurance is very expensive. Drivers that only use his or her vehicle for Uber part-time may not bother to ensure their car properly. It costs more than they are willing to pay. But, who hasn’t given someone else a ride in his car? They may never think about it more than that.

But, the problem is, you can be held legally responsible for injuries if you are involved in a Rideshare crash.

Is Uber Insurance Coverage Enough?

Uber offers car insurance for its drivers, but even the best cases, it leaves you wanting. Uber only covers the car, and more importantly, you the passenger, only while your Uber driver is signed into the Uber app. When the driver’s phone loses signal, what happens? Maybe your drivers phone goes dead? What if they lose the signal and can’t connect to the app again? If something happens, you may not be covered and have to pay out-of-pocket for medical costs and losses from an accident happening.

Most people traveling on a budget are just trying to go from point A to point B and never give a thought to looking into their transport provider. Did you know Uber cars do not undergo the same maintenance routines or inspections that taxis do?

Arrow Cab drivers undergo a comprehensive screening when they go for their license and again when they get hired. Rideshare drivers don’t have to undergo background checks. With RideShareor Uber, you never know who’s driving or even what driving skills they have.

Arrow Cab CT never charges surge pricing, but with ridesharing, your experience can vary. It’s easy to wind up in a car or van that hasn’t been appropriately maintained and could, therefore, be risky. You could end up with a driver who has a criminal background and possibly dangerous.

The Arrow Cab Difference

When you choose to ride with an Arrow Cab CT driver, you are getting in the vehicle with a professional who has undergone extensive background checks and has a safe driving record. Arrow Cabsundergoes proper vehicle maintenance and are very safe.

Remember, taxis are regulated by the state, so your safety has been given precedence. With Arrow Cab, you are protected by commercial vehicle insurance if an accident occurs. Getting a ride from point A to point B may seem simple enough, but it can be risky. Call Arrow Cab and take the Risk out of your ride.